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Our after school club was set up in 2020 to provide high quality childcare at affordable prices. It is Ofsted registered to provide after school care for children attending Rosetta Primary School and Calverton Primary School and St. Joachim's Primary School providing a collection service. We also offer spaces for children from other schools if dropped off and picked up by their parents. 
Young Adventurers aims to provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment, offering a range of activities to reflect the interests of the children in our care. We provide nutritious food and holistic support to each child. For all attending the club we offer a service that promotes equality, inclusion and values diversity. 
  • To realise these aims we have the following objectives: 
  • The service has a child-centred approach, respecting the individual needs of each child.
  • Children and their parents/carers will be encouraged to participate in the decision making.
  • Staff and volunteers will be suitably qualified and experienced in various aspects of childcare and play, with ongoing training. 
  • Equipment and toys provided are regularly maintained and renewed, enabling children to access a variety of up to date play and learning opportunities. 
  • The club aims to fully utilise community resources locally and regularly access opportunities to visit other facilities, during after school club sessions and as part of the ongoing programme of education and learning in our children and families project across Ascension Community Trust. 
  • The club will adhere to health and safety policies which are in place. 
The time children spend after school influences their development. With the right activities children develop social skills, improve academic performance, build self-confidence and establish strong relationships. We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities to suit all ages attending the our club. These are tailored to meet the following areas of development: 
  • Physical Development: Indoor and outdoors activities including football, table tennis, parachute games, trips to the local park and free play. 
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development: children to buddy up, cooking/healthy snacks, family fun days, community visits, yoga, a variety of reading options, drama and problem-solving activities.
  • Mathematics, Literacy, Language and Communication Skills: homework support, board games, construction, co-operative games, ICT and quiet times. 
  • Understanding of the World: Interactive books and marines, television/movies, guest visits, culturally themed activities, wildlife and gardening.  
  • Expressive Arts and Design: Painting, wood craft, collage making, jewellery making, pottery, music, singing, textiles and knitting.
We are committed in welcoming all children, parents/carers regardless of race, gender, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability, nor should they be disadvantaged by requirement. The Ascension Community Trust will strive to redress any imbalance that may become evident. 
We aim to provide:
  • Positive images of different races, religions and cultures in all areas of our service.
  • Positive roles in play and care. 
  • Facilities for all abilities.
  • Provide a wide range of play opportunities for all those who attend our club
If you would like to find out more or apply for your child to attend Young Adventurers please contact our Children and Families Manager, Amanda:
Phone:    07561098082
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